The shoe Pangalfi snc was born in Trani in 1962/63 , strongly backed by the family Musacco , that all ' constantly continues today , after more than 50 years , to manage the company with the principles and values ​​on which it was founded : seriousness and professionalism. The company is run like a big family by four brothers Musacco ( Vincent, Joseph , Anthony and Nicholas) who has been actively involved in every day to the ' organization of all the manufacturing and marketing of the finished product . Despite " the ethics of the shoe " is based on respect for traditional values ​​of the past, the company guarantees its customers a product that is a perfect combination between traditional craftsmanship and innovation.

Thanks to these qualities metabolized well over the years , the company now has a sales network throughout the national and international level , and continuing investments are aimed at consolidating the company on the world market , presenting their products and materials accessories MADE IN ITALY . The company is able to offer its customers a product that is young and updated both in form and materials.


The creation of the site allows you to ' company to present to all operators in the sector, with the aim of creating , with the enrollment and registration through the section , a circuit of information , to be sent and received , to all members , on ' market performance footwear ( ready to wear items , new materials, etc etc).